During a typical treatment lasting 30-60 minutes, the TempSure Envi heating device emits safe RF waves that work below the surface of your skin. While the surface temperature remains at a soothing and relaxing level, the RF energy heats the tissue below the surface of your skin. In response, your body begins to produce new collagen cells. As a result, you get all the benefits of new collagen that acts as a firmer, underlying support structure for your facial skin. Wrinkles become smoother and less prominent, and your skin becomes tighter. No needles, no surgery, no unpleasant side effects or pain, and no downtime. TempSure Envi is that simple and effective.

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The caring and special attention to all my needs where beyond any expectation. The treatment is very smooth and very relaxing. I love what it has done for my skin.

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Tempsure Envi technology heats deep into the skin to regenerate collagen and reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and smile lines.

Many cases of dry eye are caused by Meibomian Gland Disease (MBD), a condition where blocked oil ducts fail to secrete enough oil or secrete oil of poor quality. With TempSure Envi, radiofrequency energy is used to gently and comfortably raise the temperature of skin around tear ducts, helping to unclog them and reducing the symptoms associated with dry eye.
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